Expect a friendly atmosphere

You’ll find some of the most genuine, caring and accepting people.


Expect some help along the way

Greeters will welcome you and help you find classes and nurseries, as well as some coffee and breakfast!


Expect to find a place where you fit

Your family or friends will find a class designed just for them! Nurseries, children’s ministries, and adult groups are all well-planned and prepared so that your Sunday is well invested into personal growth and biblical encouragement.


Expect a practical Bible message

Our pastor will teach through a practical series that applies God’s wisdom to everyday life situations. The Bible has a lot of the answers you’ve been longing for, and it’s critical for your journey through life.


None of us “have it all together”

That’s probably why we make such a close family, because we’re all sort of “limping through life” and growing in grace.


A lot of us are new

Our pastor and much of our church family are new in recent months! We’re all getting to know each other and finding our place in this growing body of loving, Christian friends.


Finally, we really are just regular, friendly people